MelodyMaser —- an AI composer.

MelodyMaster is a powerful music software for Smart accompaniment, create music, learn chord… Your key is the KEY, and then comes the MELODY.

Use the neural net to build music together with us!!! Explore and master the magic melody!

If you cannot use YouTube in China, you can click the following video which may be slower.

Music attracts numerous people in the world. Many friends around me do really love music, however, they lack professional music knowledge, they cannot create music they like and enjoy music as their wish. Our team wants to use the computer to enable people’s music dream, use machine learning to help people compose beautiful music pieces.

We noticed that the neural net has been used in many domains including vision, language processing, what’s more, funny area like poems, painting. By investing in the theory of neural net, out team surprised found that technology is really suitable for music generation as well. We want the computer model to learn how to compose music and create a computer composer!

Alpha go plays chess with humans, this time we want the computer to share its music spirits with us!